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Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 is MINE!

I promised you over 4 years ago now that I was here for the long run and that I was going to get better and bigger and harder all the time. As you have seen, I have kept my promise. 2015 is mine. Just like the previous 4 years have been. And, lucky you, who will be here to witness my progress for one more year!
Starting the year with a brand new youtube upload and more to follow on a weekly basis as always... The screenshots are taken from vids coming up this January. Imagine what else I have in store... new youtube compilation coming this Winter and m any more long vids after that. Remember that I am doing cam shows on SKYPE (rippedusamuscle) and email me for private video requests I never resell private videos: you get to choose the scene, gear I wear, poses, muscle groups to focus on and even suggest some of the dialogue. Your fantasies will become true right in front of your eyes and for you only. Get in touch. Private videos start at 100$ for 5 mins.
And by the way, most of my youtube uploads and most of the screenshots I post in any site are taken from private videos (with sponsors' agreement), so you can get an idea of how hot they are. My only limits are nudity and I do not show face.