Sunday, 30 August 2015

late summer update

You might have noticed that I haven't been on Skype much recently and also that my interaction in social media has decreased. I've been busy and have just enough time to interact with regulars on Skype. This might change in the medium term, but for now I have stream-lined my social media channels to reflect my current shape. No point in having tons of photos from the last 5 years (I look tiny in those compared to now haha!). No point in having ads for vids no longer available. I am not planning to shoot any more videos for now. You can get my only available vids here. I will use youtube for live hangouts and twitter to tell you when I'm live on Skype available for shows. When time is limited and people are already waiting (as tends to be the case now) there's no point in advertising, but when my status is GREEN on SKYPE (rippedusamuscle) it means I'm available and doing shows. Just be patient. All my social media channels will only include photos and status that reflect my current look and availability, so they are still the best way to keep updated.
For those of you who have been asking about 5th anniversary packs.... as you know I retired my old videos last year. It wasn't a marketing ploy, they are no longer available. I thought about releasing a final youtube collection (vols 1-10) but decided not to. Those are no longer available either. I have a different plan to mark the 5th anniversary online in mid October, so stay tuned.