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Saturday, 23 August 2014

new youtube collection AVAILABLE NOW!

have been working on YT9 (YOUTUBE VOL 9) for a while. It is a tradition my fans won't miss out on... This collection includes EVERY SINGLE youtube upload since March this year, my biggest collection to date... in more ways than one. This HD collection comes as my 4th year anniversary online approaches and it can also be purchased as part of the 2014 updated version of the ALLYOUTUBE pack (with 4 years of youtube uploads). As with previous collections, videos are newly edited, without text across the screen or any interruptions. A non-stop muscle feast to keep forever. YOUTUBE9 is only $30 by itself or as a $15 top up for cam show orders of $40 and private video orders of $50. Free for orders of $100 and above. If you want to own every single video upload since 2010, go for ALLYOUTUBE 2014: 4 years of muscle youtube vids for $50 as digital download only.