Monday, 6 July 2015

Ripped Summer

Getting a show with me is a luxury. Yeah, you should have to wait on line. Yeah, you should have to beg and yeah, you should most definitely pay for it. And you will! At just $4 per min, I still offer the most competitive rates out there and look at me! At 260 lbs I am officially the biggest I've ever been, and still ripped as ever.
I may not be on as regularly as I used to be, I am a busy muscle god, but when I am on it's because I want to put you in your place and give you the flex show of your life. Come'get'sum SKYPE rippedusamuscle. Keep updated by subscribing to my twitter @rippedusamuscle I will advertise times when I know I am going to be on for longer periods... Most of the time I just jump on and I have a line of people waiting to worship these muscles... so be ready. And follow my video updates and live hangouts on youtube/rippedusaguy. I'm experienced, professional and a true Alpha, always willing to give you what I WANT because I KNOW what you want. And I have it in spades. What are you waiting for? The summer has just started. And it is getting hotter!