Monday, 1 June 2015

why get just one biceps vid when u can get THREE?

I'm happy to work with to make my brand new videos available for immediate download from now on. The brand new VASCULAR GUNS is now available for just $29.99, together with my previous biceps videos: BICEPS WORSHIP from the end of last year and the classic ALL ABOUT BICEPS, my best-selling video of all time and a must-have for biceps fans. Shot back in early 2011 it is as hot now as it was then and it offers a great point of comparison with my current huge size. Get them all as a bundle for a ridiculous $49.99. This MEGA BICEPS COLLECTION brings you all three videos in one, over 40 mins of bicep flexing and worship action. Watch this space for future videos, the next one should be coming later this month!