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Friday, 1 August 2014

Revised cam and video rates

My 2010 $3.5 per min Skype cam show rate has not gone up for nearly 4 years now. With my availability getting tighter and tighter I have to be more selective with the shows I do and make the most of the time I have. From today my rate goes slightly up to $4 per minute. This still makes me the most competitive muscle guy in the business. I hear that far less experienced or talented guys out there have been charging up to twice as much for a while now. 
My special rate on Tuesday stays at $3 per minute. I am committing to these rates until the end of 2014, but on busy days (usually Sundays), longer shows or those offering a higher rate (many of you are already offering $5 per min) will get to the front of the line. I will also prioritise loyal regulars. Skype me at RIPPEDUSAMUSCLE and I will respond as soon as possible. If I appear online but do not respond is because I might be doing a show.

HD private videos start at $100 for the shorter ones (5 mins), but I will double the length to 10 mins for $150. Private shows are one-off, highly personalised videos meant to make your specific muscle fantasy come true. I do not resell and do not allow sharing. You get to suggest gear, props, theme, even sample lines and whether you want to hear your name, etc. My only limits are nudity and face. I reserve the right to use up to ONE MIN of every private video on youtube to promote my services (usually a couple of months after the video has been made). My turnaround time is a maximum of 2 weeks after receiving agreed funds. Hit me up if you want a video
I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.